Flight Plans for those Without a Subscription

I was wondering whether anyone had flight plans that remained within the boundaries given when a user does not have a subscription. That way those without a subscription can still do longer flights, they just happen to be circular.

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https://fpltoif.com Is a great resource for generating flight plans.

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I use that! but it is hard to get plans in a certain reigon

Hmm… alternatively you could look into Skyvector.com. It’s a website for creating flight plans and has several different options (Hi, Lo, VFR, etc.)


Hey there,

Here is on the topic I found that I think it might answer your question:

Flight plans are a bit difficult to be generated within the boundaries but just take the route suggestions in the topic above and try to match the FPLs in a way that they remain within the boxes :) To create FPLs you can use one of the links which @DiamondGaming4 linked above :)


Thank you!

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You can fly cross-region EGLL-LFPG-EHAM, KORD-KOSH, etc. The Europe regions have a lot of other popular commercial airports like EDDL, EBBR, EGBB


what regions do you have? I could tell you some routes for your region.

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