Flight Plans & ATC on the Advanced Server

Just back from a 172 go Honolulu to Kona on the big Island on the Advance Server. Excellant ATC Service all the way! Counted 90 Plane active in the Region. Noted 95% of them did not file a “Flight Plan”. Check some call signs and noted the majority of the Advanced non-Filers were the same so called Pilots who whine about the poor performance encountered on the Playground! The " Pot calling the kettle black" I say! I’ve recommended an Advanced ATC procedure that requires a Filed Flight Plan for any aircraft entering controlled airspace and requesting ATC services on the Advanced Server. I reintegrate that request here again; No Tickey, No Shirtee! “Only Pilot with the required qualifications and a Filed Flight Plan should be permitted to fly on the Advanced Server”! No Flight Plan an automatic Ghosting should be the recalcitrants wake up call! Mad Max Sends for the fourth time…

(Not Filing a Flight Plan is poor Airmanship and evidence of individual sloth)


A lot of people don’t understand the importance of a flight plan when entering a controlled airspace. There should be a file a flight plan message on ATC because a lot of pilots are not aware. I will admit I didn’t start filing flight plans until about a month ago


@Carson… Pilots who are “unaware” should not be flying on the Advanced! Doctor cure thy self! Max Sends

(If one fails in school for not applying his/her self they gets left behind! life is not a beach!)


Yea that brings me back to the tutorial point in the other thread which I’m not going to start again.

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Its Great to file a flight plan, BUT for Class B airspace you must get verbal clearance as well before entering because sometime controllers are "B"usy as heck. As long as your VFR with a flight following request “squawk code” its easier… then again… this game is funky.

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@castle55 My friend you get clearance into Controlled Airspace because the FAR requires it! Even with a 1200 on the dial you still gotta make the call. Max Sends

@castle55… Who lov’s ya baby… Max Sends

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So I always file a flight plan but sometimes in the Advanced server I get directed a completely different direction. I don’t want to get ghosted so I follow their instructions but it’s a little aggravating to file a plan and then not come anywhere close to following it.


If you are flying into a controlled airfield? Your flight plan should only get you into the vicinity of the airfield and in the process establish your final destination. Since we are not flying established Standard Terminal Arrival Routes(STARs) At that point Approach and/or Tower will instruct you through vectors or pattern entry commands as to what you should. Which I think is absolutely fantastic!

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I understand. But this is happening before I even get within the vicinity. I’ll be handed off from the Tower to my departure airport’s departure or approach frequency and that controller will vector me all over the place.

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What do you mean by all over the place? If controllers are active just go from one airport to another with your flight plan. That way you aren’t missing waypoints in the middle.

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@Hartmann… Steve. The Plan is important it’s connected to the communication node in IF so vectored and ILS Approch data is registered in the ATC/Comm node. Keep in mind once you contact ATC your in there hands.
They provide "Terminal Guidance in side there designated "Controlled Airspace " ring for the Tower and up to 25 miles ( (Aporox) out for Approach. Got it?
Max Sends


Thanks Max. I understand what you’re saying but let me give you an example.

I’m flying SAN to LAX. I see that LAX is operating on the 24s and 25s so I file my flight plan to turn right after departure and give myself plenty of space to get to the ILS approach for LAX (a waypoint 20 miles away).

After take-off I am handed to SAN approach who proceeds to vector me west of LAX with no visible reason as to why (no other traffic along my route). I didn’t ask for a flight following or ILS approach or anything. I merely checked-in.

First why are you just checking in? But secondly you shouldn’t be handed to approach after departure ask for frequency change then switch frequency and fly your flight plan. If the approach controller wants to control departures as well they should select both frequency’s. This is probably the first time I have ever told anyone to not follow what they were asked to do. If it’s departure that’s a different story follow there instructions but ask for radar vectors or an ILS approach to LAX don’t just check in.

@Brandon_Sandstrom if I am handed to a different frequency, I usually check-in “With You”, just like I would in the real world. Is that not the proper thing to do?

If I am passed to a different frequency should I just sit on that frequency, fly my flight plan, and switch over to wherever I am going as I please?

I fly real world STAR’s, and enjoy flying real world approaches since they are a ton of fun. But Advanced ATC do not use real world STAR’s, and that just kills it for me. So I stick to playground.

Btw, I have no idea how people fly without a flight plan?? Must be a lot of guess work going on?


@Hartmann… If your on the Advance and you believe the Controller is out of line you have choices as the Pilot in Command (The Decision Maker). Follow instruction, get the name of the Controller from the airport Placart and contact him by PM upon landing. Get an explaination that acceptable move on, if it’s a gun fight elevate it to Moderator Aernout or Advanced Control Brandon Sandstorm for resolution. Now if you want you can do as I do. Say the hell with you, Request. Freq change, Thank you Gooday and go to an alternate. On the most part the Advanced guy are excellant & understanding. Every once in a while you get a hair ball who is mad at the world for some reason, ditch them fast it’s not worth the aggravation. Just go to an alternate. I usually select an alternate inside his “Circle”… They can watch you land on there territory but they can’t do a damm thing about it. Welcome to IF my friend it gets interesting. Suck it up, pay back is a MedEvac. Max Sends

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Well I recently learned that the check in is for if you have been cleared by another frequency for radar vectors or an ILS approach but it’s so miss used every controller hates it. So you can use it if you have been cleared by another frequency for one of those two but not as first contact to a radar frequency. But no I’m not saying just do your own thing unless it doesn’t jive white what’s going on if your departing an airspace there is no reason for you to contact approach you should contact departure. So if they are not available ask the approach controller for frequency change and then wait for a response and change frequency. That isn’t the proper use of the frequency’s that’s why I’m saying that.