Flight Planning

Hello everyone,

I have two questions today i read an article about fpltoif website which was amazing to just copy and paste the flight plan specially if you are doning a long-hall flights

And i got two questions

1)is copying the flight plan and paste it is it secure ?

2)is copying the hall flight is okay or any modification to be as professional flight plan is required?

Any recommendation is highly appreciated

Thank you.

  1. Yes its secure - I’ve used fpltoif for years with no issues.
  2. copying the whole flight plan is OK - if you want you can only copy the waypoints between the last point of the SID and the first point of the STAR so you can add the procedures within IF for those cool green sections ;)
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I use fpltoif for all of my flights, no issues copy pasting the plan but I would say it’s better after you paste it in IF to then add the SIDs and STARs manually so that the controllers know what you’re doing and makes life easier if they have ATC preferred procedures.

I also always use whatever figures they give me for pax, fuel, and cargo and I always make my flight with plenty of fuel leftover, even long haul.

I wouldn’t trust the altitudes and sometimes they give v speeds, wouldn’t trust those either, sometimes the altitude is wrong for the direction of travel or it’s just unattainable by the aircraft with the weight etc, so just use one of the guides on the forums when it comes to those things.


Thank you appreciate it for you

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Thank you appreciate your efforts

If you don’t mind can you clarify it as am still learning about the stars and sids but i am still confused

What are you confused about exactly?

Thanks for your reply I am not able to distinguish between them for me i see both as a way point

What i understood till now is the sid for departure while star for arrival but beside that is there any more differences

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They’re just the waypoints that airports have specifically set for departing (SID) and arriving (STAR) traffic.

With regards to fpltoif, they just give the waypoints but no altitudes. If you set the SID/STAR manually then you can get the altitudes that IF provides

Still unsure? If you got questions just ask

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Thank you Very much really appreciate it

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I just want to thank you for the efforts with explaining, I just planned my flight VABB TO EGLL and added the departure procedure (sid) before the way points and added the arrival procedure (star) after for my flight which easier and enjoyed it as went smoth for the ATC and for my plan hope that i explained it correctly

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Glad it helped, just note to remove the initial few waypoints that fpltoif adds in the flight plan if you directly copy paste from there, since those are part of the SID/STAR and then your fpl would end up being weird but I assume you already did that if you say it was successful

I was a newbie to all this once too so it’s my turn to help you out now that I have the chance :) safe flight

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You are correct it added V1 and V2 as way points and the flight plan got really missed up so i had to remove these points and now it is perfect really appreciate your kindness and fast response

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