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Hello everyone.

Does anyone use an external source to creat flight plans? I utilize FlyQ for some stuff to estimate fuel usage and flight time but it does not recognize international airports. I would like to do the same for transatlantic flights and such but cannot find an app to “legally” do it.

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I use simbrief.com


I personally use this website: https://fpltoif.com/simbrief. It gives you the Route Time and some realistic international flights.

However, there’s many other websites that can help too, like AdamCallow’s website (by our IFC mod “AdamCallow”), which is a bit more complex but it gives you more detailed routes :)

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This is the magic that should fetch you your flight plans.

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Hey there! In my option, the best website is simbrief.com . Just to tell you, you have to have a account for it to work

Man, all this is fantastic!! Thank you!!!

Personally I always like to do a combo to add adrenaline:

  • FPLtoIF for RWY, SIDs, STARs, Routes and Fuel/Pax/Cargo
  • FLIGHTAWARE for past flights’ liveries/ airlines and refining fpltoif’s speeds and TOC/TOD altitudes to match exactly what the pilots did on any given completed flights IRL
  • FR24 to find one matching flight that’s about to depart IRL, match the departure live, on the second… and race them! :D You’d know you’re having fun when you start to compare yourself with a live pilot and start to worry on who’s a better airline employee during the race mid-flight, with procedural executions, time and fuel saving - all while you’re sitting down at home at AGL 0 feet LOL!
-----> A special mention (I found out in FR24 that pilots don't actually follow their waypoints to the dot).

Some cut corners - big time! Was it to save fuel and time? Were those waypoints unnecessary when there’s very little traffic around? My fav ride in IF is 737-800, found one departing Bali shooting up like a rocket ship and cutting corners, speeding out unexpectedly resulting in me losing the “race”, it really wasn’t easy following that flight. Apparently I found out that this is a thing. To this day since, I’d always like to say when re-telling this story “those Boeing pilots are crazy speedsters!” I love the 737s…!


I use foreflight.

I like to use simbrief and skyvector

ATC can give you a shortcut direct to another waypoint if there is no traffic.
Also sometimes flights will fly an offset from a specific airway.


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