Flight Planning

I guess this is more of a feature proposal than a general query but here goes;

Trying to use online resources for flight planning is, in my experience, a bit hit or miss when it comes to entering all the data into the Flight Planner, particularly when it comes to trans-Pacific routing. I often find that every so often a waypoint listed on a flight plan isn’t present in IF. Therefore, would it be possible either for IF to integrate flight plans into the software such that one could select a prepared route from a drop-down menu, or for someone here to make a resource (if one doesn’t already exist which has thus far eluded me!) with links to flight plans which are known to work with IF’s records of waypoints, VORs and so on? I fully appreciate the first of those options would somewhat degrade the realism of the experience to a degree but in this case, I would personally prefer the ease of use.

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Replaces waypoints generated by Simbrief that aren’t in IF with coordinates that IF will recognize


I use that. It works well for me

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