Flight Planning

hey can anyone teach me how to create realistic flight plans instead of manually creating them??


Just type in your departure and destination and you will get a flight plan :) but use Search

When you got the different routes click on download and then on IF :)

You can also use fpltoif.com

It gives altitudes, speeds and flight time

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You can go onto FlightAware.com and look up your planned flight. Pick a flight that has already been completed and copy the flight plane. Then, go onto SkyVector.com and paste the copied flight plan. Then copy the waypoints in the SIDs and STARs and the other waypoints used.

Or, you can just use flightplandata.com.

Personally, I use fpltoif.com. I use the Simbrief—>Infinite Flight feature because you can do really detailed flight plans and add SID’s and STAR’s.

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thanks everyone i will try them all out! :)

You can use fpltoif.com

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I first use the simbrief.com and then i use the feature “Simbrief Classic” of fpltoif.com

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