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So, I am about to fly UA1633 from KMSP to KORD and am trying to work out where my alternate should be. Will United Airlines have a set alternate that flight 1633 will always use that I will be able to find on Google? Or does it depend on traffic, weather etc?

Thanks for your help!

It actually depends on the aircraft and airfield. Air traffic dictate the diversion airfields, having a list of 3 or 4 with the captain choosing the most relevant.

For your choice, it should be one that is far away enough to not be effected by the same weather at the same time.

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A quick SimBrief search recommended KDTW as the alternate airport.

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He’s asking what would be a suitable alternate destination airport for a flight from KMSP-KORD

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Ah, I see.

Actually he is asking how real airlines get their diversionary airfields, whether they’re pre-set or dictated from external powers.

Not for us to give him a diversion.

That makes more sense

I am pretty sure that it depends on the airline and its location and as @Mags885 said it depends on a few things

Great thanks. I forgot about SimBreif! :)I usually use that all the time.

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