Flight planning.

Good day men and women of the skies,

So far, the flying has been amazing and I’m very happy thus far.
Now the question that makes me look technically challenged.
I watched the great tutorial on how to properly file flight plans, however when I try to go so, I can see the waypoints, fix’s etc, but not the airways. I’d like to be a lot more pro, but im notoriously bad with phones-computers regarding this app. Where do I find the proper flt. Plan page…and also— am I answering my own question if I think that it’s only available on the expert server? I am a level three, whom mostly long hauls it. Can someone point me in the right direction ( no pun intended) ?
oh, and is it just me? I did some flying in S. America yesterday and while I was happy to see the mountains, the terrain itself was very blurred ( no roads/ cities etc) I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t just myself noticing or if it’s just taking longer to add more detail to the surface.

Anyway, thank you to all in the making of this sim. I realize it takes a lot of work.

Airways have been removed after global. You could always use the SimBrief/FPLtoIF combo or just FPLtoIF for a FPL. They use Airways so you should be good.


(Credit to @Chris_S for FPLtoIF)


We would be remiss if we did not give @Chris_S credit for his work on this website (FPLtoIF)


Ahh. I dint realize I’d need a different website/ app for this. Thanks v

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