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Hey! Does anyone know any good quality websites where you can copy real life flight plans from? I’ve used infinite flight converter but it misses out quite a lot of fixes so the route I want to do isn’t the same as the real life one due to these missing. Thanks!

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Have you tried flight aware or sim brief. Sim brief is quite accurate especially if u use the correct AIRAC.

Yes, I’ve used both but they seem to miss out fixes which means the flight plan I intend isn’t as accurate as I would like

And also what do u mean by AIRAC?

The AIRAC is the way that all fixes and things are up to date and accurate.

Okay thanks! I’ll try it later!

Simbrief is the best out there!

I used to use flightplandatabase. Just google it. I’m not sure how realistic it is.

I recommend using…

It’s a great site made by one of Infinite Flight’s moderators - Chris Shaffer.


Ye simbrief is pretty good. But the update that they have made to flptoif lately is brilliant aswell.

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You have to hand it to @Chris_S


Make sure you check out if the runways your are planning to use are active and just use fptoif wich is a pretty nice Tool

fpltoif.com, so good planning, with no zigzags


70% of them plans are broken with zigzags, soo…


I know that’s why I don’t use it any more.

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I’ve seen quite a few of you use the same method I do. Heck, when I first got IF pro on mobile, I would just pick an airport, add some waypoints and VOR to where I was headed and take off).

For realism at it’s finest, flight planning is a must. Simbrief is great although the problem with the waypoints/fixes is that you’re generated FP will be haywire due to the fact simbrief may have waypoints that are not in IF. There’s an easy fix to that I’ll include.

So if you just wanna fly from point A to B, you can put that in simbrief, get your fp and hit the skies.

If you’re hardcore, as I am, then I will use flightaware and check the destination airport I arrived at. Then I can pull up departures (scheduled or current) and then you can have a pick from all kinds of airlines, aircraft and flights.

For example, you’re at KORD and you pull up departures. Hypothetical, you see AAL 123 and you decide that’s it.

Then you can head to simbrief, you have your airline, flight number (I sometimes forgot to update my callsign switching every flight, made my own short checklist) and your ICAO departure and arrival codes.

All your aircraft is included in simbrief and the advanced options are better left to the experts.

Your OFP has the works. Departure runway and arrival runway, alternate airport, and even better you have your amount of fuel to block so you’ll be able to set your tanks appropriately before takeoff.

I will go to the map and write down the names of my waypoints/fixes/VOR and the FL and airspeed included with that.

Plus I see so many people in the past have questioned when they need to start descent and such.

With simbrief, your TOC and TOD (Top of climb, descent) will be included in your game IF you use fpltoif.com

Otherwise you’ll be estimating after passing waypoint A when your TOD starts.

When you use fpltoif, remember your TOC and TOD will always be shown as 1234abc/000W in game as waypoint.

My frustration would be I’d get my FP and once in IF, ways/fixes etc wouldn’t necessarily match.

After you generate your OFP, at the bottom of the page where the flight plan downloads heading is,


your FP ending in .XML, head to fpltoif.com and with the simbrief classic selection, just paste it in and generate.

It will look like this, notice analyzed flight plan and if the waypoint is missing what it will display when flying


I apologize for the length but if you’re looking to simulate as realistically as possible, you can use some of all these tools and get the job done.

I’m sure other people enjoy the flight planning as much as I do, it really is fun for me everytime.

Hope this helps, best of luck!



Adding to the above, ultimate realism would require following SIDS, STARS and IAPS. If you have those charts open you will see why simbrief has “zigzags” close to your departure and arrival airport. It automatically inputs the waypoints and it is up to you to follow the charts on altitude and speed.

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