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I know you can sit down and do a flight plan in the game (obviously). My question is, is there an app/site that allows users to generate a flight plan on PC or even phone/tablet, and then import it to the game? (If that’s possible), in addition to that if you can’t import it, is there a site that lets you build the plan, set all your perimeters and it’ll spit out fuel, time and such? Trying to find something so that I don’t plane a 32 hour flight and can’t make it without stopping for a quick refuel. Any info would be great! Thanks everyone. Hi

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SimBrief.com gives a very accurate flight plans

Can they be imported to the game or do you have to go through and map it out?

You have to map it out on the game but I think you can copy and paste

If you use https://fpltoif.com you can produce flight plans, using either Sim brief or Flight aware, and it produces it in a for,at that you can paste direct into Infinite Flight.


That link is something I should try out

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It was developed by a member of the IFC and it is a great tool to use.

The site https://fpltoif.com/ is great I just checked it out. The only issue (unless I did something wrong) is that it doesn’t show all the planes the game has to offer (I.e.- the C-130 variants) thanks for the info, the app will definitely come in handy and save me a lot of pain trying to plot out every single point.


About 95% of the aircraft are there, it relies on the data base that is in simbrief…which didn’t have all the aircraft that are in IF.

I use flightplandatabase.com to generate flight plans. They literally have every route possible!

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