Flight Planning

I was wondering what the best resource(s) for flight planning are. I’ve been using both skyvector and simbrief, but I need advice on a fuel calculation resource and good ways/ strategies to waypoints,


VirtualHub is a very useful source:


You can do flight plans, fuel calculations, descent rates… for each aircraft. It’s brilliant.


Here’s a tip: Avoid making a turn in your flight plan less than 90°

I agree, I use that for planning as well. Also there is an app called Global flight plans that I use. It’s available on IOS and Andriod I believe. @KingWings


You mean more than 90°?

I mean less than 90°.

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I was gonna say there. Why would you want turns less than 90°, unless necessary. Anyway, back to the topic.

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Less than

Greater than

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IF has turned into math class lmao.

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Thanks for all the feedback guys, will definitely use this.

simbrief is an excellent free flight planner. prior to global i have used is for a few years very successfully for short and long flights for another simulator, and everyone i know uses it too, even in preference to paid software like pfpx.

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