Flight Planning with FPLtoIF after 20.1


I generally used to use FPLtoIF to file a flight plan before any flight.

Now with SIDs, STARs and Oceanic Tracks is there any specific way to combine the use of both ?

Sure, here’s a snippet of how to do this:

Yes and no. You can use Simbrief/FPLtoIF like you used to, but the simulator will not recognise SIDs and/or STARs which have not been selected from the app itself.

A workaround is as follows:


  1. Use Simbrief/FPLtoIF like you used to and generate a flight plan.
  2. Copy the flight plan.
  3. In Infinite Flight, select a SID you want to depart with. This is the SID that is generated by Simbrief/FPLtoIF and is usually shown in the information tab.
  4. Add that SID to your flight plan.
  5. Paste your generated flight plan into the search box and remove the waypoints of the SID from your copied flight plan.
  6. Select the option to add your pasted flight plan to the existing flight plan.

For STARs:

  1. Remove the waypoints of the STAR from your flight plan.
  2. Add the STAR in Infinite Flight (arrival first, then approach). The STAR to use can be found in the information tab on FPLtoIF.

More info on: 20.1 Update FAQ Thread


Thanks Maxim,

Will try this.

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What @Maxim descsribed is what I am doing to work around it.

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