Flight Planning Troubles [POLL]

Hi everyone, my problem is, when I file a flight plan including approach, I am always told what to do by approach ATC. My question is, should I keep the approach flight plan and say “Unable” or don’t, and get told what to do by ATC?

  • Keep Approach
  • Get rid of approach

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I have only done that once, and I was ghosted, so I don’t want to do that again.

A flightplan is only a rough route for your flight. ATC ie Tower, Approach, Departure has the final say in your route so to speak. Just because Approach vectors you to turn left 220 when your FPL says fly 250 allways follow ATC instruction - They allways have a plan/reason for doing so.

Check out some of the tutorials and learn about the ATC commands etc. In my opinion Approach is one of the most important positions - yet one of the least understood.

@Aernout Could have something useful to add here.

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Thanks, will do. I only did this for other peoples opinions. I do a little bit of approach on playground. Lots of people there don’t file there flight plans. They obey me, and I love it when they obey me.

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Without approach,on a busy server, even on the advanced server, you’ll never make it to the runway, not to mention parking.

Why would he? We can all fly a desk.

This poll is against Flight Simulator on so many level. And I can see people still don’t know what flight sim is just by looking at poll result. (Get rid of approach?? lol)


Please, don’t just follow your lines. That’s so frustrating if you’re a controller.

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Problem is ppl make lines all the way to runway. That’s good for GA VFR. but when you fly jets try to make flight plan upto 15miles airport proximity then choose the destination airport. From there approach can vector you safly to the active runway and turn you over to tower.

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Generally aircraft use approach plates which show which waypoint to head for and an exclusion zone around the field, often from a vor which you circle into the descent waypoint, approach should manage you into that, speed and altitude etc. That’s why when I do appr control I usually just vector them to the field and after that its upto tower to control pattern

Best to do is listen to ATC, they are the one in charge of deciding which runways are in use.


yep as others have said follow ATC instructions!

I always have a flight plan Runway-Runway (as a Sailor we do Sea Passage plans berth to berth) however if ATC tell you to do something different then check its SAFE to do so then do it! If there is no ATC and you are on Unicom then you can follow your flight plan, however look to see what other traffic in the area are doing and fit in with them as well. Always have to think on your feet!!

IF Flight Plans should always be filed and identify your Terminal & intermediate Destination by ICAO Code. The Communication node interfaces with the plan and automates a match when requesting ATC services. PILOT the term "Controlled Airspace (CA) has meaning you don’t need to think about it or extrapolate. You must request permission to enter CA, once entered the Controller rules, he or she see the big picture. Trust but verify the Pilot in Command is the final decision maker. (Don’t like what the Controller is directing, Send “Correction”, “Request Freq Change” and go to your alternate of fly a missed approach, Freq Chg and go to your alternate. Max Sends

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