Flight planning sites

Is there a more reliable site for flight planning that allows you to copy and paste with accurate waypoints? fpltoif seems to go down frequently in recent weeks.

I just use SimBrief itself.


I use SimBrief, that page is very good and I recommend it.

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Simbrief is great as mentioned above. Another resource that I often use is FlightAware. You are able to enter the flight number you’d like and a majority of the time, the FPL used for that flight will also be available.

This may not be as good of a resource as simbrief but you can bounce between the two to set up your other planning.

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A side note is that copying the route from SimBrief results in an incomplete FPL because of the format. What you need to do if FPLtoIF is down is to look at the map and copy down/type all of those waypoints into IF. It’s a bit tedious but it does work.

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I just discovered it, it’s really good I used to use flightplandatabase but it is very unstable

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