Flight Planning Sim App

Hi all,

Is there an app out there that can run alongside IF to give proper flight planning and power settings for take off and climb etc…

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There is one for flight planning

Hi there! Fpltoif.com is a perfect place to go to get a flight plan and all the info you need.

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I am not sure but foreflight?

Mostly there are websites used for this

Go to SimBrief make a flight plan and generate an OFP. When you are in the OFP go all the way down and copy the XML code. Bring the code to FPLtoIF and copy it down. That’s where you could get a flight plan. Here’s a YouTube video to explain it more in depth.

Check out Virtual Blue YouTube videos for making flight plans realistic :)

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@Daniel_L_James. MaxSez:

Here’s the one I use, an IF link included:

Noted: Speed’s are extrapolated base on aircraft performance characteristics and type operating handbook available on the web.

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I use fpltoif.com for my flight planning (SimBrief to IF feature includes fuel and everything).

Alongside IF, I use In-Flight Assistant and In-Flight operations. I also use IF Passengers, but that’s not exactly what you’re asking.

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