Flight planning series | Part 4 Flight plan & fuel planning

You mean entering the airways manually?

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Yes you will need to enter each waypoint in the airways to get the proper flight plan. As you can see though your flight plan is working for me just without the airways.

Can you please tell me how you did it? Did you enter the way points
manually and how? Thanks

I just copied and pasted this

Can you show me a screen shot of what yours does?


I copy yours and it works. Why?

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Not sure my man that’s what you wrote. Cheers

How do calculate the ETE dest when you’re parking and deciding how much fuel you need?


If you use skyvector it will tell you how much time it will take to get there so add that and a margin for error I usually add an additional 2 hours as a margin for error

Thanks for your help 😉

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Hello, I have an issue that is confusing me a little, I’m sure its happening to some people out there. When copying and pasting a flight plan for me, only the first waypoint pops up on the flight plan instead of the whole thing. Do we have to input flight plans by individually inputting waypoints or can we copy and past them all at once

You can copy and paste them all at once. What are you trying to put in?

Simple flight from KSFO to KLAX, I have the route here: GAPP7 SFO NORMM SUSEY EBAYE BURGL IRNMN1 yet when i copy and paste this into the search bar only NORMM waypoint pops up and actually files in my flight plan

Actually SFO works as well. GAPPY7 won’t work because that’s the SID you will need to depict the SID for the waypoints it contains.

Don’t exist in IF recommend them to the NAV development team.

This is the STAR so just like the SID it will need to be decifered from the plate.

See Part3 for how to read the plates.


Ok thanks for the help, when you mean depicting SIDs and STARs, do you mean the decoded flight plan?

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No I mean read the departure and arrival plates and get the waypoints you need from them. If you are using flight aware decoding that works as well though.


done that flight last year, qantas 747 400 13 hours up and about 14 hours back

Hi which format do i use as there is so many to choose and i dont see infinite flight as an option

Just use the .txt files. Works perfectly!