Flight planning series | Part 1 Route information

In anticipation of global I thought it would be fitting to go thru flight planning step by step. In this series we will be going thru all the necessary steps to properly flight plan for global. We will address these areas.

  • Route Part 1
  • Weather Part 2
  • SIDs, Enroute charts, STARS, & Approach plates. Part 3
  • Weight & balance, Filing a flight plan, NOTAMS. Part 4

We will be going step by step thru one route that you can fly at the end.


First we are going to start off with our route. The route is going to be from where you want to fly, and to. Head on over to FlightAware, and enter where you want to takeoff from. We are going to choose KLAX for our departure location. Then we are going to choose KJFK for our arrival airport.
I prefer to use FlightAware, but you can also use FlightRadar24 or any of the other similar sites.
Now let’s create our route. The information we are looking for is.

  • Aircraft type and company

  • Departure and arrival gate

  • ETE Estimated time enroute

  • Route Flight plan

  • Route decoded NAV log

  • Route across the map

Now if we look at our route.
We see that the first thing in it is ORCKAS2.LAS. Now what does that mean? Well that is the SID (Standard Instrument Departure) they have filed. Then let’s look at the last entry LVZ.LENDY6. So what does that mean? That’s our STAR (Standard terminal arrival route)

So now we know which Departure, and which arrival we will be using along this route. Along with all the relative information to make a decent flight. If you just wanted to plug the NAV log in now, and go you could. There is a lot more to learn though. 🙂

Thanks for reading. ✌️


Looking forward for parts 2-4. Nice job!


If you are taking requests, I’d be interested to learn the proper way to calculate fuel and what needs to be considered by the pilot.


I never plan flights in Infinite Flight. I think I should start doing those in prep for global :)
Anyway, this will surely help me and thanks for making this! Looking forward to all of the other parts to come.


You’ll just have to wait, and see 😏

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Will it be accurate if i used PFPX in IF?

I’m not sure what that is. Do you have a link?

Its a program/App For FSX, it calculates Perfectly for my AS A320, but not sure…

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I’d have to play with it to give an honest opinion. I would assume you could use it. I prefer the FlightAware way because those routes are put together by career dispatchers. Why not use that to your advantage?


I always use FlightAware and the route information for when I use VATSIM, this is a good tutorial and hopefully people will use it!


Thanks man this was just the beginning so stay tuned for the other parts.

Brandon these posts are so helpful ;). I think I, as well as a lot of others will use this. Really excited to see the next parts. I’ve never actually known what SIDs and STARs are lol.


Wow, what a helpful post truly overall!


FlightAware has the filed route published for flights with one (or two) end points in the US, but not for, say, an intra-EU flight. Do you know of any sites which publish these filed routes? I have searched in vain.

you can use simbrief.com, it’s what I always use. Makes a realistic OFP as well. Might take a little while getting used to and learning to read it, but you won’t regret it! Oh, did I mention it’s totally free?


Also, when SIDs and STARs are discussed, it will be interesting if those realism fanatics will pay attention to the parts about reducing, or remaining below, a particular speed and max altitudes.


I’ll check it out, thanks!

Very useful guide! I generally Just search something along the lines of DL LAX-ATL or BA london to paris, then search the flight number to find more detail, but i’ll try this from now on :)

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Hello and thank you for your route calculation tuto as I very often do long-haul flights in IF, how can I calculate the exact amount of fuel for my flight?


Look at my previous answer, it includes the fuel needed ;)