Flight Planning on Advanced ATC



  • Controllers can now see incoming airplanes listed by airport with estimated arrival time
  • Make sure you end your flight plan at an airport to be in the system and notify ATC’s you’re coming
  • This is only available on Advanced Server

For more details, read on…

We’re starting some work on flight planning, and part of this work has already started under the hood and the server side.

Step 1 of the plan is to expose current flight plans to our Air Traffic Controllers so that they know which positions need to be filled in real time and also for themselves so they don’t get bored at an airport which nobody is going to. This system tells them how many airplanes are coming and when they are scheduled to arrive.

Now for the really important part, flight Plans are automatically uploaded and entered in the system. To help this system, make sure you set the last waypoint in your flight plan to an airport so they know you’re coming.

Only controllers can see this but just to give you guys an idea, here’s what it looks like on the controller side:


This is brilliant. Perhaps we’ll have more active ATC on advanced.


It works really good👍


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available on PG for the next months?

Planned for see that directly in the app? Like this one i request the day after i join the forum.

fantastic! well done another feather in the cap! thanks to all involved with planning, developing and testing for this!

Someone should pin this, don’t you think?

@Swang007 @MishaCamp

@Jake_Brimble this is not for this thread.

Brilliant idea :)

Great. And the Best, Flight Plans everywhere even on playground.

Sounds great

A tip to those of you reading this it would also be beneficial to include the starting airport in your flight plan so we can plan accordingly.

Matt, are you planning to add this directly into IF instead of having it as an outside source? That would just make it easier. Still, this is an incredible addition It will help us controllers cater to the pilots!

So the airport, not the VOR?

Yes the destination airport

Great feature. Soon we have a organized airspace.

I wish I could try this out but lost all my stats so now I have to wait 😔

i guess i shouldn’t change my password now even though i should. thanks if 😂😂