Flight Planning Interface Rework

Check this out…,

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Got to love this SIM, so much to learn and experience! Thank you for the tips and see ya in the skies somewhere sometime.

You might like this site. If you enter the airports of departure and arrival it gives you the heading you need to fly taking the curvature of the planet.

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What if I wanted to fly from KORD-ZSPD (right over the North Pole) 😉

If I set my HDG to 0°, after reaching the North Pole, my plane would continue to go in circles around it. We use the NAV to make sure that doesn’t happen :)

Haha yeah, I did a flight over the south pole and when the C17 reached the pole it went around in circles … had to reset direction manually … I did remove NAV to get directly over the pole. Try it its weird.