Flight Planning Interface Rework

Please keep it to one image per request.

Also, I don’t really understand what you’re asking here. Do you want the Flight Planning Interface reworked or something else?

Yes I’d like to have a more friendly Flight Plan interface. Where you can add or remove a fix/vor at any spot on a flight plan
Apologies I did not know about the 1 image rule. I was just trying to show examples of where an editable flight plan interface could help.


No problem. On some occaisons the mods will allow more than one image, so it’s best to PM them and ask if you feel it adds to your request.

Oh I see, Should I remove or can I remove this? lol
Send to a Mod first?

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I’d say keep it on and write to a moderator and see what they have to say.


I really don’t see the issue here. The flight planning system we currently have works fine. Zig-zag routes are actually more realistic because it’s using real world airways (Which SimBrief takes into account). Also, with airports with no nearby FIXs/VORs, you can simply look up the SID/STAR, and translate the real world waypoint into the game (via FPLtoIF).

Furthermore, there’s a nifty solution for editing your flightplan without having to fiddle with the small interface we’re given. Typically, after either creating my own flight plan with Skyvector or generating one with FPLtoIF, I’ll paste it into my notes for quick reference and make necessary changes.

I covered most of this in a tutorial which can be found here


Maybe I will tag a Mod here with a request to see if this is acceptable or needs to change
@DeerCrusher @MishaCamp

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Thank you
Typically, after either creating my own flight plan with Skyvector or generating one with FPLtoIF, I’ll paste it into my notes for quick reference and make necessary changes.

I did use this method but having to switch between Notepad and IF map to paste and see if the plan works or needs modification is tedious. I was hoping for a simple add waypoint anywhere on the FPLtoIF plan to quickly see if it works or needs change.


That feature is being worked on (the ability to edit flight plans after generating them).


That’s great then. Hope it gets integrated with the terrain map too; that would be awesome to plan Mach Loops in the jets. Besides navigating civil aircraft through mountain terrain to tricky airports will be much easier.


Sorry, I meant with FPLtoIF 😂

May be a silly question, but are you aware that you can add a fix to a FP, then move it around with the up down buttons? Or are you asking for a way to graphically add a fix to a FP from the map view?

Whmm, was playing around with this in order to provide an example and found that you can’t add a single lat/lon fix to an existing FP. Seems like adding lat/lon fixes to your FP has to be done outside IF at the current time, so I see your point.


Maybe a terrain map could be provided much like the IF map before Global, it would be so useful in mountainous areas


Have a look at this airport. It has no fixes

In this one I have manually entered the fixes that don’t exist in IF add
VNCG 2627n/08747e the FP goes straight down the runway and departure
then I added
2640n/08747e that goes 90 degrees up from that. MECHI is the only IF fix near the airport

Its possible to manually enter any fix like this

The fixes entered in the pic below after PRO VOR is for the approach to VQPR (Paro) which is around and over mountain terrain. The fixes do not exist in IF.
Here I have manually entered by trial and error the fixes you see here:

The issue I am raising is that the only way to do this now is to type in all the fixes with the correct numbers and slashes and spaces into the small pop up box. only then you see the FP on the map and need to evaluate if there are corrections to be made.

My request is to make the FP interface editable at any line directly.

I hope the above is clear or does it not make any sense?

This is a feature I have voted for. It is just great to find approaches to tricky airports and also mountain terrain flying like Mach Loops in jets!

I agree, It would be convenient to be able to add fixes by dropping them directly on the map, but for the case where you’re trying to avoid terrain, that only makes sense if the terrain was visible on the map!

For now, the best option is to create your FP in another application where you can see the terrain. Copy it into a text editor where you can tweak it if necessary. That’s the approach I use.


Indeed! If we can place fixes directly on the terrain map that would be perfect!
I have tried converting google map coordinates in IF. However, those coordinates go off track by up to 10 to 20nm when you fly them in IF and look at the position on liveflight. Some reason which I have not understood as yet, maybe something to do with magnetic north and true north declination?
This is why I enter the coordinates manually as mentioned, getting them right by trial and error at the moment.

The flight plan looks jagged on the globe because on a flat map like simbrief uses, the curve is what the curve of the Earth creates.

Make sure you convert decimal degrees to dddmm where ddd = degrees and mm = minutes. That will get you within .5mi accuracy. The .5mi error is due to the fact that IF resolution is minutes. 1min of latitude = 1nm