Flight Planning "Centre"

I thought it would be a neat idea to be able to create your flight plans online (through the IF website). There could be a pilot centre/flight planning section where you can create flight plans on your computer and upload them to your IF account on Mac/PC, where you can then access it within the app once you login.

The idea from this originated with group events and flights, where I thought it would be easier to copy and paste flight plans. However, doing it on a computer in my opinion would seem to be more fluid and could allow for better preparation. It would also allow for more carefully throught out flight plans, with the ability to add secondary/emergency destinations. More realism can be funneled throughout the sim this way. Furthermore, your computer (or secondary tablet) can act as a flight plan/ aid to your IF flying. Especially with fuel burn and global coming, I can see the importance of a more detailed and sophisticated flight plan

Obviously I don’t think this should be given free to people, but I think it should be something similar to Live Flight Horizon where it would be a small monthly fee to better prepare for flights, or it could be something included as an incentive to purchase Global Live (or whatever their future pricing models for global will be). This could also be a feature instead for Live Flight. Which ever works best.

Feel free to comment, would love to hear your opinion.


Live flight app has an area where you can get flight plans from a database.

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This is more for creating your own. But if theres a way to import other flight plans that could also work really well too. I actually had no idea about the database though.

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I don’t think that’s a good idea, farming the flight planning experience out to a third party might not be a good idea. This needs to be implemented on the FDS end IMO. Just to make it clear, this is not a knock against live flight, I just think this should be developed in-house.


I like this idea. I would make the flights a lot more realistic.

Isn’t something like this kinda already in global where it automatically selects waypoints and follows them.

I’m not sure. We don’t know the parameters of global yet but there’s talk of controlling your flight while
Your AFK, maybe this flight plan thing could work for that.

Not online but I added something like this to LiveFlight Connect for Windows. You can import flight plan from flightplandatabase.com . And you can manage your fpl from the autonav tab.

Would be cool to have an online version. Would need to be added on the fds server side though.

Yeah it definitely does. Does it change your fpl in real time?

I think it would work much better then what the game gives you

If you mean you can control your fpl from the liveflight connect app, yes.

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