Flight planners

Are there any good flight planners to make our fpl better during a long haul, If yes please tell so…


Yes there are plenty!



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Umm I tried them it’s not that great

If I may ask, what do they lack? Especially FPLTOIF is a game changer for me…

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It’s the most terrible one for me sadly…

The most extensive flight planner out there is simbrief.com


But why? You keep saying they’re not it for you, but you keep leaving out why?

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That’s a great one I tried it out a few days ago

Idk what are u trying to say

It gives you real-world flight plans so there won’t be a more detailed one. It’s also compatible with MFS, XPlane, and so on.

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Yeah I know that

Why do you find them bad? What is the reason you say that they lack things?

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That’s because they don’t have Sid’s or stars in the fpl

So there you have it. fpltoif.com is simbrief optimized for Infinite Flight, so you’ll find all the information you need for IF in there as well

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You need to choose from them which Sid and star u need.

I don’t like it

You don’t need to. In the end it’s best to use in-game waypoints anyway as they open up certain functions, e.g. during descent. In the end you end up deleting waypoints from the simbrief flight plan because you also have those in the IF procedures.

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It takes 25783738374837billion years to make a big fpl on infinite flight for a ultra super long haul

They do tho…

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What I end up doing:

Pasting the flightplan from fpltoif.com or simbrief into the game → adding the required procedures → deleting waypoints both in the flight plan and in the in-game procedure

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