Flight planners

Any good flight planners out there or simbrief the norm?

I frequently use FPLtoIF.com and skyvector.com


I use an app called Flight Planner. I primarily use it for PC simming but it works good enough for Infinite Flight too. Its available on Android and possibly for iOS but I’m not sure. The icon looks like this;

im on ios so its not avail

Fpltoif.com is definitely the best choice in my opinion. It let’s you create SimBrief flight plans through the site and optimizes them for Infinite Flight.

Or you can use FlightPlannerDataBase.com it’s just a more simple FPLTOIF


SimBrief is better though - because it gives you load configs and stuff like that.

If you want to discuss further @ThomasThePro, PM me.

http://fpltoif.com/ is definitely the best for our game

i always use fpltoif.com is easy to use n if u want tutorial i gonna leave a link for u, hope that help!! >>>>
How to use FPLtoIF.com <<<<<<

I use this one:

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