Flight Planners and tools for IF

Does anyone know any comprehensive flight planners and tools ( addons) that would be useful for IF. For example takeoff thrust V-speeds and flap settings, as well as route planning with weather and winds aloft.

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I use flightaware to find the flight and FPLtoIF to plan the route

For Vspeeds I use IFAssistant

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There are lots of great third-party apps for Infinite Flight. These include:

  • IFAssistant
  • Infinite Passengers
  • Virtual Hub
  • IF Checklists
  • Live Flight
  • And a lot more which I can’t think of off the top of my head

Some great apps to use along with IF that aren’t third party are:

  • Windy (for winds aloft)
  • SimBrief (for flight planning)


Here’s a topic I found that displays all of the different third-party apps:


If you’re looking for flight planning tools, Skyvector.com is probably my favorite for making flight plans. When used with Airnav.com, you can create flight plans that are almost 100% like the real world flight.


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This what i’m used for Infinite Flight.

  • IFAssistant .
  • Live Flight
  • Infinite Passengers .
  • IF Checklists.
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Thank you for all the responses. I actually am not too new to IF having had global for half a year and IF for around 2 years. I currently use Simbreif, IF Checklists and fligtplan database, along with IF Passengers. I was wondering if anyone knows how to use Foreflightlink as it seems like it is a very comprehensive flight planner.

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