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Hi all ,

I need some help. I’m struggling to add my flight plan into the flight planner. I’ve generated my route on simbrief.

I can’t seem to add the SIDS and STARS , I’ve managed to add the route but can’t seem to add the STARS anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Simbrief outputs a string of characters that can be pasted into the search bar in the map. If the STAR or SID doesn’t load, I, personally, add it manually and remove any weird waypoints. It tends to work well. Hope this helps!

This is an example of the output that you can paste into the search bar:



Just paste that string of “words” into the search bar and click “add to flight plan”

Here is the video about filing procedures that can help with procedure selection and filing!

Besides what @Marina said, I’d just like to add a note:

The routing that appears in Simbrief isn’t actually waypoints, but airways (with some isolated waypoints sometimes)
To get waypoints, you can use the “Simbrief Classic” option in fpltoif.com (just open the website, click the “three bars” symbol on the left upper corner of the screen, select “Simbrief Classic” and follow the instructions provided)


On top of that, an easier way to use exclusively Simbrief and avoid the issues of FpltoIF (Not recognizing NDBs, outdated AIRAC data it uses, etc.) is to use the Delta Airlines (DAL) OFP which can be found here.


The DAL OFP contains a section entitled “Fix List”. You can just copy-paste this entire routing into Infinite Flight and it works quite well because it expands the airways to list all the fixes included. However, if you want to add the SIDs/STARs separately you have to do a little cross-referencing. For example, my route RKPK - RKSS.


The portion highlighted red is to show where to find this information. The fixes highlighted in blue are part of the SID & STAR, we know this because in the route, the fix following the SID is the transition/final fix on the procedure, and vice versa for STARs. So you can just copy paste the part in between the highlighted blue portion, and the rest can be added using Infinite Flight’s procedures.


Thanks everyone for their help and guidance.

I’m just a rookie at all this…

If anyone would like to PM and maybe we could WhatsApp and give me a call or video tutorial.?


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Please use flightplandatabase.com it way better. for if.

Hi after watching this video, the guy at the begging of the tutorial adds the vectors to the flight plan ?? I never get that option to add to flight plan.

I’m major stuck now…

I’m not sure what you mean. He mentions that you can be vectored off your flight plan by ATC but he does not mention vectors for you flight plan.

Taken from video timestamp transcript 2:05:

“you can choose from any available initial approach fixes or choose the vectors to final option which will draw a direct route from your last star fix to the final approach”

That option exist at the very last approach procedure menu - after you clicked on the runway, usually two option appears, a fixed point or a “vectors to final” option, it’s in there (if that makes sense :D sorry for my jumbled up wordings)

Hi I’ve managed to get my route added which is


This SID & STAR for this route is -

But can’t seem to see the SID and STAR when I add it into my plan.

I flew down from Newcastle to Heathrow

But didn’t get any APR illumination to land so went off course. I flew down on GPS not sure if this is correct ?

Do you have a full take off and land procedure

Thank you so much for your help.


SID / STAR / Approaches aren’t added automatically when you paste a routing into the search bar. You have to add them in via the airport menu, accessed by tapping on the airport on the map then going into the Procedures (PROC) tab

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In addition this video is all about flight planning, might be of use.

Thanks Adam

I will look at it and try it.


I’ve tried this, it shows me the departure , then the vector , but when I select the vector there is nothing to say add to flight plan?

Do I repeat the above at the destination airport?

This is all doing my head in.

The video tutorials look like they are from a different version of the game ?

I’m just so frustrated.

The instrument procedures video is from a very similar version of the app. I can’t see too much difference.

The one I linked is from a older version, yes.

Could you maybe show a screenshot/video of where you are getting stuck? Im a little confused at what stage you’ve made it too.

Do you have WhatsApp?

I could do it over there , PM me

Hi Adam

Here is the steps I’m taking and getting stuck.

From main screen I press solo

My departure airport is EGNT

I select the airport which gives me the information box with info-wx-rwys-proc

I press proc

The departure

Select GIRL1T - RWY 07 then select.

It then gives me the transition of rw07

I tap this and it turns orange.

Then I get stuck as there is only an option of BACK.

when I press back it clears everything ?

So hence when I can’t add SID and STAR

It’s like it won’t add the above to my flight plan.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


Screen record what you’re doing and we could help

You need to be loaded in on a flight in order to edit your flightplan. You can’t do it from the airport/start spawn select screen.


Can you upload a video from the beginning of setting up a flight ? From Newcastle down to Heathrow on an airbus a320-200

Don’t worry if you can’t I will understand.