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Hello community I was wondering if anybody knows any websites that I can get a flight plan for infinite flight and (I have tryed fpltoif already)

(Digital does not work out for me)

There is really only FpltoIF, there really isn’t anything else, you can use simbrief then use FPLtoIF to convert it to wha]ere IF can understand it. Other then that, I’m afraid there isn’t

Ohh that’s a bummer cause simbrief is not a good recommendation unless your looking for 5 violations

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How did you receive those violations? Because a Flight Plan can’t make you get violations. Unless fuel was miscalculated?

Nope so this is the story

I was doing a flight from KSFO-KLAX following the information it gave me such as (at this waypoint descend this speed with this altitude) so I don’t remember much but my speed went up and i was low so (me you know) I’m still with it and finally I end up with 5 violations

But point is that unless you want to get near a violation and have to end to avoid it that’s up to you

Plenty of peole use simbrief without a problem. Its a great resource to have and there’s a reason its the main website thats recommended for flight planning.


Now can someone tell me so I can start my flight for the simbrief what is a profesional way of using it like how is the proper way of doing it

I’ve been using this website for a while now:


I typically calculate my own descent rate since the ones they give me are typically too high.


Simbrief and @Chris_S’s FPLtoIF together work like a charm!

If you haven’t tried them together yet, maybe give them a go

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Wow diamond gaming nice point that is so I mean so so true i used to follow altitudes the RL flights do and there like for an hour flight FL380… which is why we wait for the top of the line descent

I use simbrief and (although there are some waypoints missing) it is pretty nice to find routes. Also the altitudes are fine. I usually need to deploy spoilers on decent to prevent overspeeding but it is fine.

FPLtoIF.com and sometimes when that’s not workin, you got flightplandatabase.com and then we got the simbrief.com

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