Flight Planner with 3d globe


Is their any flight planners that have a 3d globe for IF planning

I planned the FLP above but the top is like flat I don’t know if its supposed to be like that in game. I don’t have my device to see.

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Um… Not that I know of. But once you copy it into IF, it will display in 3D.

I use fpltoif.com , its great and supplies all important info for a flight

Ummm…what is going on here…I think the flight plan is drunk

Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 22.40.55



quick tip i have for making FPLS and realistic flights

  1. go into www.flightmapper.net and find a flight
  2. go onto www.fpltoif.com get a flight plan

If you want to plan your own flights, use skyvector. If you want an existing flight plan, use fpltoif (and possibly simbrief).

I use flight plan data base as well I don’t use if for IF though.. The flatness at the top is normal and will curve out once put into IF.

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