Flight planing - best route

Today I was try to make the best route from LKPR to KJFK. I have tested:

  • Simbrief
  • FlightAware
  • SkyVector
  • RouteFinder

But no one solution was made best route because of strong winds. So finally I was used SkVector and manually made my routing to KJFK using B route through Atlantic. This my route is same to real world avitation route used same day by real plane.

Did you use any other solution or in case you want make good route you do this manually? I think that no so much people think about this because for example now in Expert server near all planes used slower routing that my.

I usually just load 1:30 of extra fuel to account for headwinds, although I think that is a bit over kill.

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Usually I just look at windy.com and make my own route (without using any other programs).
If I’m lazy, I sometimes just look at flightaware.com and visually copy the route irl as closely as possible.

This is not only a problem of fuel, this is problem of time. And on some routes you will not have enough fuel to destination.

I tend to use a combination of flightplandatabase.com and fuelplanner.com, but if you want to simply it, use onlineflightplanner.org which literally combines the two using their respective APIs. However, if you want something that will give you the best route with the current winds, I recommend going onto FlightAware and finding a flight that is departing as close to when you plan to depart as possible, and then use it’s flight plan. Because the airlines are always looking to save money on fuel, their routes are more often than not the best routes to go by.

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@KaiM I also use flightplandatabase.com too. Its been helpful to me.

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