Flight plan

One area of Aerofly I like that I wondered if IF could introduce is the flight plan section where you type in departure/ destination and it maps out flight plan.
This would be a great feature in the future if possible.

So basically like simbrief but built into IF?

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Also you might want to put this in the features category to make a request.

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Yes I think it would be a great way to save time and clean up start up and airport departures etc in multiplayer

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There’s plenty of tools available to aid with flight planning and to create flight plans for you. I use tools, including ForeFlight, to create flight plans, but also like the ability to create my own FPL’s or modify a plan created by ForeFlight and copy it over to Infinite Flight.

That said, what we really need is a process to submit our flight plans and receive an IFR clearance delivery. The IFR clearance delivery process would ideally modify SIDs/STARs as needed for traffic flow based on runways in use, fix any errors and add missing waypoints.

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PLEASE make a feature request. You’d have my vote instantly!

Edit: Nevermind i guess there is one?

I believe this may already be on the development road map, but not sure how far out we’re looking.