Flight plan

Problem flight plan, once created the route there is the add button FPL
please help me!

nb. use iphone 7 plus


Tap on the airport, and click the little plus icon. That will add a leg to the flight plan. :)


Good on you for deciphering what the question was, lol.


check out this


Try um wording that a bit better and more understandable ;)

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@SkyHighGuys please keep in mind that some users here don’t speak English as their first language ;)


I am sorry, I didn’t express myself correctly. My question is: how can I load a flight plan in the plane after I did it? I cannot find any button such “add FPL” or similar.
Thank you for helping me

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Do you want to save a flight plan so you can use it on another flight?

That would actually be quite a good idea…

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I believe you’re asking for the plane to fly the flight plan on its own once you’ve filed it.

That is possibly a future development, but for the moment, you have to make the turns yourself by changing your AP headings (or manual turns).

You can make Bearing (to next) as one of your display items to know which heading you should fly to reach your next waypoint.

[Edit: as AR points out, I’m referring here to just the app. He may have some better news with outside apps.]

Are you doing this in the IF app or using liveflight connect?

If you want the aircraft to fly th plan itself, currently the only option I know of that you can use is LivFlight Connect. It doesn’t fly the plan great but it does a fair job.

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I would certainly enjoy that kind of feature, it would help me when making my flight plans for my VA flights or just to use as a reference if I made a good flight.

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