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Hello, I have a problem with planning a trip and I do not know how to solve the problem and I cannot take off without using the simbrief website.


I agree that this problem occurs frequently. We hope IF will add flight planning to the game – which requires more resources. Partnering with FPLTOIF may be a short-term solution as this website appears one of the most used 3rd party tool out there. This website is not affiliated with IF, and needs supports to continue running – a donate link is visible on the website.

One possible solution is to use FlightRadar24. You can enter your flight details and select the desired route. Then, download the route as a KML file. After that, you can convert the KML file to FPL format using a KML to FPL converter tool, which you can find at IF Flightplan Tools | KML to FPL. Please note that only the first 256 fixes will be available, so if your flight is long, you will have to do the rest of the flight manually.

Hope this helps!


I have tried a lot, but I cannot find less than 256. The simplest example is the Qatar trip to London

Are you sure it’s still down?
It’s working fine for me 🤔

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Yes it’s working

use original simbrief

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But how do you convert it in IF’s flight plan?
I use a pair of XML and FPLtoIF (Simbrief Classic option) but I’m wondering if there’s any other way??

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There is copying the flight plan and in inserting it into your search waypoints or airports line

It doesn’t work so well for simbrief bc their flightplans include airways and since IF can’t translate them, you’ll end up with a bunch of missing waypoints during the cruise parts of the FPL. However it still gives a few waypoints for the FPL and is fine to use.


Personally I wouldn’t mind as long as the direction is correct…

You can use the Simbrief map which will have all the names of the waypoints, they translate direct into IF.

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