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Have a wonderful Hollidays ahead…Hope you guys doing great…Hi good day @Laura @jasonrosewell …for an example,UL101(1 stop) SriLankan airlines : Colombo- male - Doha …now A333 landed @ male airport .now ready departing to Doha, so now we generate the flight plan…now takeoff and departure…but flight plans not navigating, like 1st time (when departing from colombo ) any ideas have to resolve this ?

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  1. Please don’t ping staff

  2. To fix this - go into the NAV menu and make sure that SOURCE is set to GPS.

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What you mean by? Ping the staff ??

What do I mean by what?

It means to @ mention the staff
like @Muktharr would be a ping

Another term for this would be to mention someone

Something to do would be to do what BennyBoy_Alpha said. If that does work, go into the FPL and hit ALT LEG on the first waypoint after the starting airport.

Also, I believe this belongs in Support

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So what’s the answer for my question?

@Muktharr ^^^

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