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How do I create a flight plan in the simulator

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Welcome to the forum! Mark Denton (aka SkyhawkHeavy) does a lot of well done tutorials for your flying experience in IF. Go ahead and check them out on the Infinite Flight YouTube channel, you can learn a lot!

Tyler Shelton also does ATC tutorials for Air Traffic Controlling!

Happy Flying!

How to File a Flight Plan:


There are tutorials for creating a flight plan that you can find by searching in the magnifying glass feature. Basically choose your starting airport on the map and select Direct. From there choose fixes that you’d like to have as waypoints to your destination and select Add. When you reach your destination airport be sure to select the airport and select Add so that it’s the last waypoint on your FPL list. This helps controllers see where you’re intending to go. The tutorials will offer more detail and clarification if needed.

@Damian Thank you, I was just looking for that.


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Nice flight plan.

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