Flight plan

Im having trouble trying to create a flight plan im new to this simulation i was wondering if anyone could assist me on how to do this, lets say im flying from glasgow to paris

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I recommend using https://fpltoif.com/ it generates a flight plan that you can copy into the IF.

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How do i copy into IF


Here is a video IF made about creating a flight plan if you wish to give that a watch. Flight Planning | Infinite Flight

To paste an FPL into the sim, open the map and tap the search bar at the top, when the text box comes up press and hold until the paste options comes

Does it also generate altitudes etc

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If copying an FPL created in FPLtoIF then no it won’t. You will need to set that yourself if you wish, when adding a SID and or STAR that has alt restrictions as WPTs then yes it will auto input the alt for you

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Sorry to be a pain guys but im still trying to create a flight plan with altitudes etc but im finding it abit complicated maybe im doing something wrong, i appreciate all your help

At the moment importing altitudes isn’t possible.

When you are creating a FPL, you can click on individual waypoints in your flight plan, then click SET ALT at the bottom of the screen and enter the altitude.

Please note that VNAV (Automatic Vertical Navigation) currently only works for descent.

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