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I use the fpltoif website to create my flight plans. And now it’s interesting when I add the plan to the game, then it is added without the flight altitudes, and I have to enter them manually. Is it possible to somehow copy the flight plan along with the altitudes?


To my knowledge it is not possible to have the altitudes imported with the flight plan unless you use a .fpl file to import your FPLs.

I’m not too familiar in the .fpl importing aspect of things, but the fpltoif method of importing the flight plan can only have altitudes set manually.

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There is also a flightdatabase website and as far as I remember there is also an IF but I don’t know if it’s possible to import .fpl there)

It is not possible to import .fpl files from that website. I’m a frequent user of that website, and the Infinite Flight section gives you the same format as the ones that you find on fpltoif.com.

Understood, so I will manually enter (

you can use IF Flightplan Tools | Editor

File a flightplan on Simbrief, download a google kml, and head to the “KML to FPL” tab.

Make sure the “include altitude in fpl file?” is checked and then upload the kml file.

This should help

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If you’re having issues making your own flight plan, I highly suggest you check out the IFATC Education Group post How-To: Filing a Flight Plan. For me, it’s as easy and spawning in and I instinctively already know how to make a flight plan.

It’s on my list of to-do items with the site. This year has been a whirlwind for me personally so it moved to the back burner. I still need to update the plane list.

Sorry. Life gets in the way sometimes.

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When I click on the map in the game, then in the FMC on the rightmost button where the arrows in different directions open to add a plan, click on it and the game just pauses, maybe it needs to be dropped somewhere in the game folder?

The simple solution is to rename the file. That’s what the creator told me.

Rename to any name or what? I have flightplan.fpl now.

anything you want

Now I will try and unsubscribe) And thanks for helping) I hope that I did not take a lot of time and effort from you

Unfortunately, the same thing as it was, I tried to simply click on the file and open it with, writes an application that supports this format was not found

Try doing the same steps again. You can pre-name your file on the website becauee “flightplan.fpl” just won’t register on my device

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