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I use SimBrief for my whole flight plant (fuel, altitude etc) I can’t seem to find the A330-900 on SimBrief. What other alternatives are there similar to SimBrief?


Hey mate,

I had the same issue just before when using Simbrief, so I just selected the A330-300 which may not be completely realistic, but they do share similar characteristics.

You could also use fpltoif.com as an alternative, and select the flight aware option instead of the Simbrief option as fpltoif.com does use Simbrief and replace the missing waypoints with GPS coordinates instead.

Hope this helps you mate!

simbrief(ed) a couple hours ago for a TAP flight KMIA - LPPT, and as Declan stated, can confirm selecting the A333 is “best fit” for A339 on simbrief, cruising along nicely at FL330, 3 step (climbs) to go, just over 6hrs ETE, 55 mins of FOB to spare, safe flying!

Thanks guys

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