Flight plan

I created a flight plan.
Is there a way to see the estimated flying time?

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You must take off and reach your cruising altitude to see your ETA. ETE to dest is available on the HUD bar.

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Hey mate,

You can set the ETD (Estimated Time to Destination) in the display at the bottom whilst you are flying. It’s important to remember though that this is an Estimate and it will change as you climb and descend.

You can also use flight planning software like fpltoif.com or simbrief.com to get a more accurate ETD.

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I recently started Infinite Passenger and they normally ask for estimated flight time prior to starting.

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Yeah, you may want to use an app like Flight Radar 24 to find how long the flight takes in the real-world. Or what @Declan_O said.

Okay Great!
Thanks Declan_o you’re awesome!

No worries mate, glad I could help you out. Safe flying!

Thanks much! You’re Super!

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FlightRadar24 is a great resource for all of your flights, both real world and Infinite Flight. I encourage you to use it more often!

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My pleasure! Glad I could help!

I surely will I got the gold subscription and everything so would check it! Have a great day!

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