Flight Plan

I was on the infinite Flight flight plan converter and sometimes it will show actual waypoints that are in the games but sometimes it won’t and it will show coordinates instead. How do I know where those coordinates are when I am making my flight plan?

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They show coordinates whenever there is no corresponding waypoint. You’ll have to manually insert those waypoints yourself.

But how do I do that?

You can only copy and paste a full plan. You cannot add a single coordinate waypoint.

Copy the full plan and it should paste into your plan in IF.

Ok, but How to I copy a flight plan on a computer and paste it into Infinite Flight on my phone?

On the map where you can see all the airports, zoom in enough, and you’ll see a lot of tiny blue triangles. Those are waypoints. Copy your flight plan into the search bar, and where the coordinates are inserted after a waypoint, pick a waypoint yourself, or do what @Chris_S mentioned.

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OK, will do

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