Flight Plan

Hi, this is a request that could be very useful when making a flight plan. Currently to make one you only need the waypoints without airways, but it is very annoying to have to go looking for each of the waypoints of each airway. Will they think in the future to add some mechanism to put routes with airways? also with the SID / STAR, to link your navigraph account to be able to have each of the approaches and departures of each airport.

Use this website for flight plan:

I use real flight plans, and that website give you fake and old flight plans 😀

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Simbrief is the best to use at the moment but we dont have all the waypoints on that

It’d be a cool idea to have visible airways shown on the IF Map (with a toggle of course), which allow people to easily make realistic flight plans.


Yep, sounds like a natural development of navigation in IF.

This is not what the OP is asking for though. He’s very specific about filing FPL using airways. If you open a feature request for airways layer on the map you’ll definitely have my vote :)

Stuck between having an airway feature request or a Maldivian A320

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There are existing feature requests for SID/STAR/Airways. Please vote for them.