Flight plan

I think your flight should be when one makes their flight plan, not when one is surching for another plane to fly


I literally cannot understand this? Is there an issue? Or?

If you’re talking about people copying your FLP you’re probably in casual. Not many if any in expert will copy your FLP unless the off chance they’re do the same flight. Or a group flight.


Are you saying that other pilots shouldn’t be able to copy your flight plan?

I think what the OP is trying to say is that your “Online Flights” count increase immediately after spawning in to the server, but instead after a flight plan has been created.

I’m saying, when you go onto the app, to fly it automatically makes a flight instead of making the the flight plan first

Well it doesn’t automatically do anything. You spawn in at the gate. And then make a Flight plan. It’s how IRL is. Except no spawning. Plane is at the gate, pilots make a flight plan.

Before a plan has been made, like i have about 80 flights i believe and about 14 landings, that’s what I’m saying

Maybe it’s my device, cause that’s what’s been happening, i might want to go on and pick another plane to fly, and it will count as a flight

That’s normal. If you spawn in, that’s considered a flight…

Oh ok, that’s what I’m saying lol, i wish it would when one make the flight plan but it’s ok

That just wouldn’t be any fun, if the game picked a route for you. I don’t know if these figures are correct or not, but only 49,871 routes are operated every day. You’d basically have a 1 in 49,871 (or 0.00002%) chance to get the route you want. Let’s just stick with how it is, ok?

It’s kinda cool that other pilots can copy your flight plan to catchup then resume the flight path together in formation.

Then flying VFR wouldn’t count as a flight.

I think it should count when you get off the ground. It’s kind of in the definition of the word “flight”.

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Takeoff and landing are both a part of the flight without takeoff there would be no flight and if the flight doesn’t end with a landing then it’s a infiniteflight. And this Sim didn’t require fueling during long flights and that was unrealistic and after it was voted in then the Sim became the ultimate deal. And I can never get enough.

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And I have the turbine jet engine that is in the F/A-14.

A landing would be a completed flight, while just taking off should still be considered a flight. Just like in the real world: If you land then your flight is complete, while a crash is still considered a flight, just not completed. So just a takeoff should still be in the “flight” category, and that’s why there is a separate “landings” category.

Edit: I thought you were trying to argue that it shouldn’t be counted as a flight unless you land.

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