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Hello pilots, good day!
Is there any way, any website or app, to know the direction and approximate wind speed at the time you arrive at the airport, to be able to assemble the plan for the correct headboard? Or do not need, because the ATC that decides how will be the approach?


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windy.com is great for surface winds to the winds aloft as well.


Thank you so much! ✌🏼

I may be wrong, but the way you asked it, you could just look at the METAR right?

I can finally stop loading in my fuel to Max for long hauls now that I can see how much is needed.

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I don’t use any App to check on weather, however, I do use “VirtualHub” for my flight plan.

The more fuel you have the better. More fuel weighs your aircraft down, so wind cannot play with your aircraft.

Ye but the heavy weight will obviously increase the Take off speed and increase runway length needed.

There have been times where I had to keep the breaks on for roughly 30 seconds when lined up and spooled up. After letting go to make sure I don’t overrun.

I use Windy. But at a controlled airfield u have to listen for what the approach says u

I can use a Etihad 787-10 Dreamliner and take off while some runway is left. Heck, I used KJQF (Concord Rgnl, right outside of KCLT airspace, if not overlapping KCLT airspace, to take off in a Emirates A380. Didn’t overshoot one bit.

I use that too. But I prefer fpltoif and SimBrief cause they are more specific and there are more options for ur flight plan

Hmm. Seems that 777-200LR i flew the other day was being weird then

Probably so.

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