Flight plan

Does anyone know of a good, quick, easy 2-3 hour flight?
Im looking because I have ran out of ideas between Miami, Houston, and Los Angeles. It can be either in north america, or europe. Also, the airports need to be sort of popular, like KLAX, KIAH, EGGL, Etc. I’m in need! my boredom has taken over me! I plan to fly at least twice a day so I need them to be 2-3 hours. Thanks!


PDX to LAX is cool

Also check here.

I tried there but I had to try out the 1.5-6 hour ones and find a good one. I would have to go through them all because I can’t do a 6 hour at day.

Well try EGLL-BIKF.

Fpltoif.com has a good system that generates random flight plans for you to fly and you can customize how long you want your flight to be. I suggest trying that.

KSEA-PAJN. Has great scenery!! And it’s pretty short, it’s around 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Yeah i use that to make flight plans. Your right, it is really good!

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Try KIAH-KJAC. Two of my favorite airports 👌🏻


That’s quite a good idea. I often struggle to decide on route to do.

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