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There should be an option to have your already flown flight plans to choose from instead of logging a flight plan every flight, I wish it had your route in the logbook. Just an idea!

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This is a great way to make a flight plan.


Hello :)

You can vote for this idea here;


I agree very useful! But having to think of where you want to fly every time is a little much! Would be easier to when the app is open, before you pick your location look through your previous flown routes!


Well you can do that already! If you select your log book you can see when and where you last flee including type of aircraft user as well as the time taken.

I think there would be little point in keeping the actual waypoints used on previous flights as due to weather conditions the routing will change each time to be most efficient. That is where FLTPTOIF , Simbrief etc comes in to its own.

Happy Landings


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What I do is copy all of my handmade flight plans to my notes so I can reference them later. (I have about 35 plans, and haven’t used any of them more than once).

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