Flight plan

I would like a feature where you can add to your flight plan , so like now I copy my flight plan from IFP and paste it in IF but you can delete way points but you can’t add without doing deleting it and doing it manually the ability to add a way point is useful for doing SID and STAR

I believe Chris is adding this feature to FPLtoIF.com, a very useful Infinite Flight FLP planning tool, so look out for that update in the near future!


Yes, Chris is planning to do that like @BennyBoy_Alpha said.


Oh right 👍

I agree this would be nice however you can currently add a waypoint to the end of your route and reorder them.


@MarkJudge01 until Chris adds the feature, you will have to stick to the method that @lurker mentioned above…for now…at least!

Interesting feature! Make sure to vote for your own request though…

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Bumping this!

You can add the Waypoint and move it´s position up and down with the arrows

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