Flight plan

How do I file a flight plan when I plan to remain in the pattern?

You don’t :)

If you would like to remain in the pattern, you don’t need a flight plan.


Even if a flight plan is required before contacting ATC?

If a flight plan is required in the ATIS, it most probably means pattern work is not being accepted.


That makes sense but doesn’t ATIS say pattern work not allowed?

If the controller has chosen not to allow “Pattern Work”, then ATIS will say that it’s not allowed.

Don’t forget that you can always fly on TS or CS, usually pattern work is allowed on those servers.

Pattern Work is allowed on all servers unless there is too much traffic departing/arriving the airspace in which case the controller may put out “No Pattern Work Allowed”

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Adding on to you @Transport_Hub:

Pattern work should only be approved in Visual Metrological Conditions (VMC) as a MINIMUM – this is 3 statute miles (approx. 5000 meters) visibility and a cloud base of 2000ft Above Aerodrome Level (AAL)

Let us know if you have any further questions! We are here to help :)

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What airport is requiring you to file a flight plan?

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