Flight plan

Hello Infinte Flight Community,

I am getting stressed how the flight plan is one straight line to my destination, i want the curves and it telling me when to line up, lease help i have had enough, i watch Infinite Flight Multipayer on youtube, and he has the curves when he switches to his maps to show us his flight path, i want that to happen to mine please help!!

Thank you alot,

Baxter White


  1. Zoom in to you see the fixes ( the little triangles)
  2. Hit the first one on your way and hit add to fp
  3. Select the next one and hit add to fp again
  4. Continue to you have your curves and arrived at your destination
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You first need to create a waypoint going out of the airport, the violet line.
After that, if you click on another waypoint you’ll be able to add it to your flight plan (literally the button is called "Add to FPL), the white line.

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You might find this video useful!