Flight Plan

Could someone make me a flight plan from Sydney to Canberra. Taking off at Runway 7 and landing whatever Runway you want. Thanks! :)

Why not make one yourself? I spend a long time trying to get my flight plan to curve nicely on the approaches (OCD).


I suck at making them. Don’t worry, I have tried:)

Do you want me to make one? I can come along and do it quickly.

Could you just tell me the waypoints as my live just expired yesterday. Thanks

That might be hard. You probably won’t be able to find the waypoints. Just do a simple YSSY-YSCB and just alter off course to find the ILS.

Ok thanks

Give this a try!

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It does take time to find the correct STAR’s and waypoints for the regions while noting the headings, speed and altitude requirements.