Flight plan with Aerovias

Hello community, I was flying just now (SBRJ - SBSP) and I came across this flight plan that Aerovias has. Being that I went to search there in the IF and there is no Aerovias. Could someone explain to me?

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What exactly do you wanr answered

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Brother, what I mean is that this flight plan is with Aerovias, and on the IF map there is no Aerovia.

Example: Z2, Z55

This flight is the famous air shuttle (SBSP - SBRJ)

Do you mean Aerovias Brasil, the airline?
Are you requesting the livery to be added to the simulator?
As far as I know it was merged into Varig…

Do you mean airways?

He’s referring to the airway segment, which is not yet implemented in IF.

@_Patrick The reason you see those is probably because he coincidentally have waypoints in his flightplan whose names look like an airway number.

That’s not it. When I talked about Aerovias I meant virtual corridors that exist in aviation. There are no Aerovias in IF and when I came across this flight plan, I saw these Aerovias inserted in the IF user’s route.

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That’s what I meant to say. Sorry, my translator is not very good. I usually use Google Translate to communicate with you!

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Ah I see!

There’s a feature request for airways to be implemented into IF here, if you like, you can vote for it!


You can add custom flight plans to IF, this user may have done this and named the waypoints accordingly.

If you want to know how then have a search on the forums, here are a few links to help you out.

Clear skies


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