Flight Plan Troubles

Hey everyone! I am having problems with creating a flight plan that has been bothering me for a while, now. You see, when I go and create one on a website like FPLtoIF or an app like VirtualHub, the plan always looks great, but when pasted into infinite flight, turns into a garbled mess. Any way to fix this? It seems to happen only with trans oceanic flights. Here is an example of expectation: image
and reality:image

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That does happens sometimes. You’ll have to go through and remove the waypoints that are off

It’s the face that IF waypoints are off sometimes and no there’s nothing you can do about it sadly.


Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing in the meantime, I just wish there was a fix for this! It’s time consuming to go and find each and every waypoint, especially on long flights!

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Here. I edited it after seeing the full topic. The only real way for this to be fix is for the airport editing team to fix it.

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It always happens to me as well.
Just remove waypoint.
Unfortunately, there is no solution about it yet…

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The reason this is caused is, because there are some waypoints that have the same names, but are on different sides of the planet.

All you can do is delete the waypoints and carry on with your flight.

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I usually do not use FlightAware I use sim brief it works better and you don’t get those random off lines.

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That won’t help.


First of all that wouldn’t fix anything, and second of all that would need an airport editing update, which is installed automatically

No real need for anymore discussion as there’s isn’t anything we can do about unless we go and fix the waypoints in game.

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You just have to go to the map, look at the incorrect waypoints and remove them (click on them, on the FPL page, then below click on , and your FPL will be smooth again!

I’ve had the same problem… Really annoying, as it make me do my own Super-detailed flight plan…

Come on guys he got an answer already we dont Need to write the same things over and over again

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