Flight plan to IF adds way points that are not necessary

Hello everyone when i use flight plan to IF it generates a flight plan but adds a way point that is completely off track so example im doing Palma to Gatwick and adds a waypoint that is in the canary islands and when i try and find it i cant because it does not show up on the flight plan on infinite flight. Can someone help me with this?

Will it ever get fixed?

It’s because there are two waypoints. One that is on your route which is the one it wants to use, the other is miles off track. Not sure if there is a way the developer, @Chris_S, can do to fix it, not anything the IF devs can do. Also, I think this should be in #thirdparty, not sure though.

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thanks @InfiniteFlightDeck

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What you can maybe do as a work around, is search in the waypoint in question, and then add the result that is on route, and use the arrowd to put it in position.


Do you have a picture or example of a plan?

im currently doing a flight now but i shall take a photo when ive finished this ok? i shall be 54 mins sorry

That happens to me all the time, just delete the waypoint from your flight plan and you’ll be fine.

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as much as that is a good idea sometimes loads lots of way points so i spend half hour deleting them all

I’m not quite sure what exactly you’re talking about but here’s what I know. Going in a straight line from airport to airport, even if it is not the shortest (distance) route, is often not the fastest route. FPLtoIF utilizes SimBrief which takes into account realistic procedures, winds and more, meaning you’ll get the most efficient which is never a straight line.

Furthermore, occasionally there are double-ups in waypoint names, and hence Infinite Flight may choose the wrong one when importing your route. This can be fixed with a single click to remove the rogue waypoint.


@KaiM Yeah but i never do airport to airport and also sometimes it can make more than one way point that is off track and it can get annoying sometimes

No, but it won’t be 2000nm of course :) it is definitely the second thing you wrote abou double waypoints.

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There’s nothing that can be done to fix that on the user side sorry. Just remove the outlier then add the actual waypoint if you wish.

Ok also i take it this is an issue with simbrief it self isnt it

No, this is an issue with Infinite Flight. If there’s 2+ waypoints with the same name in IF’s database it may not add the correct one to your flight plan when you input it. Simbrief and FPLtoIF are not to blame in this situation.

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No, it is a problem with the actual names of the waypoints.

Ahh ok thanks gents! I think i shall stick to making my own and using the sids and stars!

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Honestly, this only usually takes me about 5 seconds per waypoint :) of course, do as you wish, though!


as much as thats a good idea i shall stick with using sids and stars and adding way points manually my brain is good for this! lol

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